Having the right tree or shrub in the right place can make all the difference in the beauty and value of your property. Arbor Experts arborist can help determine what tree species will best compliment your property and withstand the stress of your local environment.

We only plant the finest trees and shrubs by personally going to nurseries and hand picking the best plants. All of our installations are guaranteed for one year as long as the owner waters the plants or allows us to install a drip irrigation system that is refilled as needed

When replanting a site where a tree or shrub was removed, some special precautions may be necessary. Before replacing a plant that has died, the cause of failure of the previous planting should be identified. Certain pathogens that cause plant disease such as Verticillium wilt and Phytophthora root rot can remain viable in the soil for extended periods and cause disease in new plantings unless resistant species are used. Many plants die from soil-related problems such as poor drainage, compaction, and adverse pH. Performing a site and soil analysis before selecting and installing the new plant is a key to successful establishment.

Since plants can outgrow the space where they are planted we consider available root space, and hydro line clearances. Always select a replacement species that will mature within the space provided for it such as short maturing species for planting beneath utilities.

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